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SYRUPS: Available by the case or bottle

STIRLING(Click here for flavors) Stirling has consistently been the number one syrup for the last five years! It has great flavor, great quality and a great price. You will find Stirling to have more flavor with less sweetness than many others, allowing you to use less!

TORANI(Click here for flavors) Unique and interesting flavors. We also carry Torani Sauces and Frusia along with pumps.

MONIN(Click here for flavors) 12 per case, pumps also available.


CAPPUCCINE: (Click here for flavors) Cappuccine has received nine national awards from both the specialty coffee and gourmet food industries. KOSHER & HALAL CERTIFIED; NO HYDRO OILS; ALL FLAVORS 0 GRAMS TRANSFATS.

BIG TRAIN: If you haven’t tried their delicious chai, you’re missing out. And only Gourmet Harry’s offers this special - buy 6 like cases and the 6th case is 1/2 price. Yea!

MOCAFE: They have the original brand of Mexican Cocoa that everyone imitates and no wonder - it’s great!  All of their products are top-notch!

OREGON CHAI: Delicious liquid concentrate available in Original and Decaf, available in quarts. 

MOUNTAIN SPICED APPLE CIDER: Simple simply means better. One pump into hot water and you have the best 100% natural apple cider anywhere. Order a case and get a free pump! 

GHIRARDELLI: Just the name alone will sell these popular products!  White Chocolate Powder, Sweet Ground Chocolate Powder, Dark Chocolate Sauce, Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce, and Sauce Pumps.

DR SMOOTHIE(Click here for flavors) 100% natural fruit smoothie. Whole fruit puree, shelf stable, no preservatives, lactose free, vitamin, anti-oxidants, mineral fortified. 

ISLAND ROSE LEMONADE: THE best lemonade we've ever tried and we've been looking for five years! Great over ice or blended for a frozen drink. Pure juice with real sugar. 5:1 concentrate. Why spend the time and energy making your own when you could use this instead?  And the price break is FAB-U-LOUS!

PACIFIC: Pacific makes a wide range of non-dairy nut and grain, as well as soy beverages. Just open them up and let the creamy goodness flow.
Available in Soy, Almond, Spiced Chai and Original Chia.

NUMI TEAS AND TEASANS: Numi tea is of the  highest quality and is certified 100% organic with no additional fillers of oil or tea dust. Numi teas and teasans will exceed your expectations and elevate your tea experience. It’s hard to choose a particular one, so just get one of each!  And with cool names like “Monkey King"or "Temple of Heaven”, who can resist?  

Boxed Teas 

ONE GALLON ICED TEA BAGS: High Mountain or Organic Bergamot Black Iced Tea, 24 ct.

Also available: 8-count Display Rack, 12-count Display Rack and Glass Teapots

STRAW PROPELLER: (Click here for flavors) Made with the freshest ingredients, Straw Propeller oatmeal is the perfect combination of healthy oats and delicious flavor blends and is made with ONLY natural ingredients - no preservatives, no fillers, no additives. Also available in Gluten Free!

PROTEIN PUCKS: Gluten free, vegan, protein packed, fiber rich, 
energy bar from nature.
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CHOCOLATE-COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS: Dark Chocolate. Price includes 8/2-ounce clear retail bags per pound purchased.