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Dart 12-oz Hot Cups/1,000 per case
Dart 16-oz Hot Cups/1,000 per case
Dart 20-oz Hot Cups/500 per case
Dart 12-20 oz White Hot Lids/1,000 per case
Dart 12-20 oz Black Hot Lids/1,000 per case
Dart 12-20 oz Hot/Slotted/Flat Lids/1,000 per case

Dart 12-oz Cold Clear Cups/1,000 per case
Dart 16-oz Cold Clear Cups/1,000 per case
Dart 16-oz Cold Clear Dome Lids/1,000 per case
Dart 12-20 oz Cold/Slotted/Flat Lids/1,000 per case

Nova Plain White Paper 12-oz cup
Nova Plain White Paper 16-oz cup
Nova Plain White Paper 20-oz cup

SuperMax Smoothie Straws/500 per case   
Strongholder Four-Cup Carrier/300 per case
Filters, 9-3/4 X 5"/1,000 per case
Filters, 13" X 5"/500 per case
Filters, 15" X 5"/500 per case
1/2# Kraft Tin Bags/25 per lot
1# Kraft Tin Bags/25 per lot

YAKTRAX: We did a 180-degree turn and decided to carry something completely different! Yaktrax work GREAT to help keep you from falling on ice. Harry swears by them and wears them all the time. They just fit over your shoes and then you can walk normally on the ice - so, safety first!

CRUIZ’N CAPS: These popular little sticky figures help eliminate “spill on the go” by fitting over the hole of a to-go cup. They are cute and fun and come in an array of shapes and colors like red lips, cows, snowmen, flags, monkeys, turkeys, reindeer and more.

NUOVA SIMONELLI EQUIPMENT: We carry a complete line of espresso equipment, from cappuccino machines to grinder dosers.  Nuova Simonelli has been a trusted name in the coffee industry for 65 years.  Made in Italy, they are one of the founders of our business. We are proud to offer their products at a very competitive price.  Please ask for current pricing, models, etc.

RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT: We carry a quality line of equipment geared towards the restaurant industry. All products carry a full warranty. From Airpots to Warmers, you want it, we’ve got it!  Please call for specifics, prices, etc.

GRINDZ CLEANER: This whole grain grinder cleaner is unique and will make 
your coffee flavorful again! It actually cleans the burrs of your grinder and works GREAT!

SQUEAK N’ CLEAN: Liquid 3-in-one espresso machine, airpot & coffee pot  cleaner.

LIQUID DE-LIMER:  "Look Boss, De-Lime, De-Lime!"
PUROCAFF: 20-ounce powdered espresso machine cleaner.

S/S Gooseneck Server
Three-ounce Stainless Steel Creamer
32-ounce S/S Steaming Pitchers (bell and straight-sided)
48-ounce S/S Steaming Pitcher
Stainless Steel Knock Box
Comark T220/38A Espresso Thermometer and Clip
Soda Chargers - 10 per box
Whipped Cream Chargers - 24 per box
Tamper (professional quality)

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