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Aged Earl Grey (Italian bergamot black)
Bushmen's Brew (honeybush herbal)
Chinese Breakfast (yunnan black)
Gen Mai Cha (toasted rice green tea)
Ginger Sun (decaf green ginger)
Golden Chai (spiced assam black)
Indian Night (decaf black vanilla)
Monkey King (jasmine green)
Moonlight Spice (orange spice white)
Morning Rise (breakfast blend of black)
Rainforest Green (mate lemon myrtle green)
Red Mellow Bush (rooibos herbal)
Simply Mint (Moroccan herbal)
Sweet African Red (green rooibos herbal)
Sweet Meadows (chamomile lemon myrtle herbal)
Temple of Heaven (gunpowder green)
Velvet Garden (white rose)