Gourmet Harry’s is a wholesaler and distributor for the Midwest specialty coffee industry.  We carry many lines of the most popular beverage products including Big Train, Ghirardelli, Cappuccine.  We stock Stirling, Monin and Torani Syrups.  We also offer Dr. Smoothie, Oregon Chai, Mocafe, Numi Tea, Mountain Cider, Cruiz’n Caps, chocolate-covered espresso beans, Straw Propeller. Also, Gourmet Harry’s is proud to present the highest quality coffee and tea in the industry!

Our coffee roaster has been in the roasting business for over 80 years. Over that time, they have developed sources to obtain the best coffees available throughout the world. Coffees are roasted to order in small, individual batches which assures freshness and quality under stringent controls. We’re proud to say our roasters are truly artisans of their craft!

Our goal at Gourmet Harry’s is to provide our customers with quality products at reasonable prices in a timely and professional manner. Please feel free to contact us any time with questions, call us at (515) 289-2141, toll free at (877) 600-4642, or e-mail us at gourmetharrys@hotmail.com.  We look forward to speaking with you and keepin’ ya caffeinated! 

(515) 289-2141 / Toll free - (877) 600-4642 / Fax - (515) 289-1773
Email gourmetharrys@hotmail.com

Pacific Soy & Almond Milk now available!  The highest quality whole organic soybeans, because not all soybeans are created equal. No additives or fillers, just soybeans and water. Organic Soymilk is an excellent source of protein and totally lactose, cholesterol and gluten free. Plus, there’s no beany taste.
Now Available in Soy, Almond and Coconut.
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